If your water pipes are not insulated you could be wasting thousands?

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

If your hot water pipes are not insulated, you are washing away hundreds of dollars each year as a homeowner and possibly thousands as a business.

Insulating Bare Pipes

Non-insulated hot water pipes reduce water heat by 3 to 5 degrees, causing your water heater to work harder and use more energy. Bare pipes will also make you wait longer for hot water to come out the other end, wasting valuable water resources.

By contacting us at Insulation Pros in a few hours and for a little extra cash, you can go green and insulate your hot water pipes.

It kind of goes without saying that you should use a quality pipe insulation product. Knauf Insulation is not as well known as let's say Owens Corning but sell's a far superior product in my opinion. Using less insulation while maintaining its insulating properties, Knauf has a white ASJ Vapor barrier with a form-fitting design for pipes. This forms to make a perfect fit that can be removed in case repairs are needed. Having no as little to no gap is crucial to properly insulate your hot water pipes. Offering years of uninterrupted efficiencies.

Unsure about what size?

If you are unsure of what sizes, we recommend contacting us at Insulation Pros and have a qualified technician come take a look. Not to mention your pipes are generally in undesirable locations to get to and our techs don’t mind doing it for you. If you prefer going the DIY route you can find a lot of the cheaper materials on Amazon here's some of the best MATERIALS I could find.

The result will be far lower utility bills without sacrificing water heat. You’ll still have that steaming hot water that you love and help save our planet and your pocketbook in the process.

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