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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

A Mechanical Insulation Contractor in Denver, CO

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Mechanical Insulation Contractor

Insulation Pros is a safe, focused, honest, dedicated hard working company that offers a professional insulation skills set, to get the job done on time with a quality finish and always in good standing with its partners. Operating throughout all of Colorado.

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Commercial Insulation

Do you own a business? Non-insulated pipes are costing you thousands!

We have been insulating commercial businesses within the Colorado front range since 2013. If your business has Hot Water Pipe, Cold Water Pipes, Air Ducts, Roof Units or Drains, Steam Pipes, A Mechanical Room Ect... That is where we can save you thousands a year. Non-insulated systems take more energy to perform the same task it's that simple. We have insulated over 200+ businesses in the Colorado area and the results speak for them self.

Eco-Friendly Insulation With a Lasting Impact

All insulation reduces the energy cost so in actuality all insulation is green but not only do we strive to help save the environment with reducing energy we do use the industry-leading materials that are Eco-friendly.

Owner McLean Estrada

Is a Licensed Insulation Contractor With nearly 2 decades of experience.

"Insulation Pro's LLC is a leading Insulation Contractor within the Front Range Area. As a fully-certified professional, I’m ready to tackle anything from the most complex and large scale construction projects to the smallest of repair jobs. I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence and to go the extra mile to make sure my clients are completely satisfied with me and my teams work."

"All of our staff have been extensively trained in all aspects of mechanical insulation as well as have gone through our full insulation safety program as well as our on site safety program."


We are now offering a full line of apparel from our friends over at Printful. Click HERE to take a look when you get a chance. We went for quality over quantity.


If your new to the industry or a veteran Insulation Pros is interest in hiring you. We offer above industry-standard wages to our skilled workers Call us at (303) 717-9702

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